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Photo of the planet Mars

Hide this area Orbit data
Mean distance from the star Sun 227.940.000 km
1,5237 AU
Minimum distance from the star Sun (perihelion) 206.615.600 km
Maximum distance from the star Sun (aphelion) 249.251.000 km
Orbital period around the star Sun (sideric) 686,930 d
Orbital period around the star Sun (synodic) 779,94 d
Mean orbital velocity 24,13 km/s
Orbital inclination 1,8506 °
Eccentricity of the orbit around the star Sun 0,0935
Hide this area Object data
Mass 6,4185 × 1023 kg
Equatorial radius 3397,2 km
Oblateness 0,006476
Mean density 3,9335 g/cm³
Escape velocity 5,027 km/s
Surface force of gravity 3,711 m/s²
Tilt of axis 25,189 °
Rotational period 24,6229 h
Equatorial rotational velocity 866,9 km/h
Mean surface temperature 210 K
Minimum surface temperature 184 K
Maximum surface temperature 242 K
Albedo 0,154
Apparent magnitude - 1,52 mvis
Hide this area Atmosphere
The surface pressure of the atmosphere is 10-3 bar.
  Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  Nitrogen (N2)
  Argon (Ar)
  Oxygen (O2)
  Carbon monoxide (CO)
  Water vapor (H2O)
Hide this area Mythology

Ares, the greek ged of war, is one of the sons of Zeus and Hera. In early roman history, Mars was a god of spring and growth and only over time became the equivalent of the greek god Ares.

The god Ares always rushed into the thick of battle, not caring who won or lost as long as blood was shed.

Symbol of mythology for Mars
Hide this area Satellites
No.  Name Distance Eccentricity Radius Mass
1 Phobos Phobos 9378 9.378 km 0.0151 0,0151 13.4 13,4 × 11,2 × 9,2 km 16.106 1,06 × 1016 kg
2 II  Deimos Deimos 23459 23.459 km 0.0005 0,0005 7.5 7,5 × 6,1 × 5,2 km 15.24 2,4 × 1015 kg
Hide this area Links
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